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Possibly the best cross-platform voice chat, text chat, and group calls application out there

Discord Inc. | 1 more apps |
updated on February 22, 2024
91.7mb | free


Feature-packed with voice chat, text chat, video chat, gifs, bots, smileys. Anything you could imagine, Discord has it
The easiest application to set up. It literally takes a few seconds to set up
Amazing voice quality
Servers and channels for your customization and management


Not for professional purposes (but that's expected)
Price: $
Discord is possibly one of the best, if not the best, application out there that can do the things it intends to do. It is a cross-platform voice calling and text chatting application that was basically designed and launched keeping gamers in mind.

The basic idea was to provide gamers with a platform to interact with their friends seamlessly while playing games in groups. Games like Pubg, Call of Duty, and other multiplayer games allow you to create squads and play with your friends or random people. Playing in a squad or against an enemy is a lot of fun if you talk and coordinate with people.

The features of Discord include the following:
  1. Seamless Voice chat
    Gone are the days when voice chat used to be laggy, filled with distortions and noise, and you had to say "Hello, Hello again". With Discord, you can count on seamless voice chat options. Not only that, you can conduct group calls with as many people as you like.
  2. Always be connected with your people
    If you start using Discord today, you will realize that Discord is the best way to stay connected virtually with the people you want. Whether it is for gaming coordination, cryptocurrency discussions, or a family hangout, Discord might be the best virtual space for you.
  3. Your servers and channels
    On Discord, you can create your servers and channels in your servers. These channels are basically conversational threads that continue as long as you let them and keep everyone connected.
  4. A huge collection of supported bots
    Want an automated bot that could share any big news about something you are following up on your channel? No problem. Discord has you covered with their famous bots. The bots will never let you down.
  5. Group video chat
    One of the most exciting features that take Discord to the top is the group video calls. While there are many applications out there that offer the feature, no application has more features than Discord. Now while you are playing games or hanging out with your friends on Discord, you can create a group video chat that is seamless and efficient.
Concluding all of this, Discord is your premier application if you are looking to create a virtual space to hang out with your gaming squad, your family, your friends, or any discussion forum. With group voice/video chat and text chat, a great conversational support filled with gifs, bots, and emojis, and the easiest setup ever, Discord is the King at what it does.
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• Internet connection
• Microphone or headset
• Speakers or headphones

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